Flowers are a sacred and beautiful symbol of our love and respect for someone who has passed away.


In dealing with the passing of a loved one, we experience a wide range of emotions. Wanting to "hold on" to something is a common thought. Forget Me Nevers can design a personal and unique permanent keepsake of Memorial Services Flowers and other memorabilia to create a lifetime tribute to your loved ones.


Following are several examples of memorial pieces. There are a wide variety of display options. Your input and ideas are essential, allowing the finished piece to honor your loved one as part of a perfect tribute with a lifetime family heirloom.


Each flower is treated individually, and processed in a state of the art technique known as freeze drying. Preserved flowers thus maintain their colors and shapes, allowing the creation of memorable keepsakes.

Small Displays

Small displays utilize glass domes and glass boxes. They hold several flowers, and either a picture or an engraving.


Medium Displays

Medium displays can include more flowers and pictures, announcements, urns, and other memorabilia. Available in shadow boxes, domes, and wall hangings of various colors, sizes, and shapes.


Large Displays

Large displays alore maximum flexibility and creativity. Your input and ideas are encouraged, which allow the piece to become a treasured family heirloom.

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