I, Paulette, have had the pleasure of working with flowers for most of my life. I began working in greenhouses, then worked in various flower shops for more than 25 years. I became an experienced floral designer.

Paulette of Forget Me Nevers

In 1998 my husband and I founded FORGETMENEVERS, It was both a dream come true and an "out on a limb" business challenge. After 15 years in business, the dream is still coming true each day, and the business is solid and steady. The fifteen years experience provides a number of advantages for both my clients and myself. Hands on learning now allows me to treat and process different flowers in different ways. I hand treat each flower. Some require special treatment, and some are very easy. Knowing how to process all the various varieties is invaluable knowledge which benefits both the clients and my work. I have learned by my mistakes, and now I KNOW that I will produce beautiful and memorable pieces for each client.


I work out of my home in Carmichael. My garage has been converted to a workshop and includes my "magic machine" that preserves flowers.


The freeze dry machine (to the right) extracts all water and moisture from the flowers. The process is very high-tech, and takes nearly two weeks to complete a process cycle. The fresh flowers that were placed into the machine come out perfectlyDon and Paulette of Forget Me Nevers preserved- and fragile. Their beauty is then protected by placing them in display cases as shown in other parts of this website.


I am blessed that my God given talent and my experience allow me to enjoy each day. This is not "work" - but rather an opportunity to receive immense personal satisfaction while providing others with life time treasures.

freeze dry machine
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